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We miss you Michelle.

Hi Michelle,

My friends and I just wanted to drop by and say hi. We miss you. Keep doing good while you are out of The White House. It helps the world.

Much Love,
Gladys Howard

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I don't think you are a man.

Dear Michelle,

Why do people keep saying you are a man? Or better yet transgendered? Not that it really matters. It just would be nice if people told the truth for once. Stop lying. Stop lying on you. Stop lying on Obama. Stop lying on Hilary. Stop lying even on dare I say it...President Trump. You are beautiful. You are a full woman. Natural 100%. I hate that genetics sometimes make people think one thing when it really is another. No one can help the way they were naturally born. It's in the genes. It's in genetics. I just wish people would give you a break. Let it go. Get past the... View Full Letter, Comment, or Share >

President Trump!

Beautiful Michelle Obama, The WORLDS first Lady,

Looks like the red hats and Trump are going to have a difficult time in this country. Awww. THEY SHOULD LEAVE THE USA IF ITS SO BAD HERE... Im glad you will always be here with Obama protecting us. We love you!

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Beautiful Lady Michelle Obama

Hello Beautiful Lady Michelle Obama,

I am from Papua New Guinea a small island country located close to the equator in the Pacific Ocean.
I read a lot of your very inspirational quotes from the internet and am encouraged most of the times when I feel like giving up.
One thing I admire a lot bout you is the way you humbly support your husband to be the worlds hero a successful President of the United States of America during his time of reign.

Your a mentor most young women should be looking up at.

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yep... current first lady looks like a horse shit on a manikan.

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